Why we need to consider education for all in the society

Why we need to consider education for all in the society

Education should be considered as a necessary part of one’s life. The government, authorities and social services should play a vital role in making sure that it is being provided to everyone. It is a difficult thing to realize for people who doesn’t have much exposure. It takes decades of experience and exposure to understand the need for equal education for all. Education is the only asset which can make a permanent and long lasting difference in one’s life. It is the only asset which once provided cannot be snatched or steeled.

Education is not just good for individuals, but it benefits the overall society and nation. There is no need to think that whether it would be a right step to consider education for all or not. It is a smart and civilized thing to do.

Nations who have not considered education as a necessary thing have to face many circumstances. They lack behind positive exposure and new ways of learning stuff. They need to hire people from other countries to come to their country and help them perform their task. Outsourcing is the only option they get.

Education should not be considered as a mean to earn money and wealth only, but it leads to the path of good healthy life, empowerment, and self-reliance. Educations should be provided regardless of the gender, cast, and income level. It helps in building a more peaceful and self-reliant society. Education should be made must for girls as they are the ones who have to extend the family and have to build a nation. Healthier and educated women can bring up a healthy and educated child. They will want their child to go to school only when they have realized the importance of education. And this can only be done by making sure that every girl in the society gets at least the basic education.

As far as the income level is concerned. An increase in one year of education raises income by 10 percent and the country’s GDP by 18%. Based on the research it has been found that if every child can read than around the world 170 million people will get rid of the poverty.

Most of the children who are not able to attain education are mostly from the underdeveloped or developing countries. Education is the only way which can help them to live a better life, to get more opportunities, to learn new skills, to be more creative, to build their society, to prosper as a nation and to help boost the overall economy. Al of this will help them to move from underdeveloped to developed phase.

The role of the government is very important in considering education for all as the necessary measure. The education equilibrium can only be achieved with supply and demand at the same level. A 100 percent literacy rate will help to achieve the equilibrium. Supply side includes the basic resources to provide education, to make it affordable for all and for demand side the government needs to take into account the demands of students and parents who are not able to provide education.