Which type of travel books is important to read?

Which type of travel books is important to read?

Travel books are a popular form of writings which interests most of the people. This is the way through which a person can explore the world from the eye of mind in a great way. Travel books are a really great diversion when the person does not have enough resources. Even the travelers in really old ages used to document their travels to enlighten people with the experience they have gained. There are different types of travel books which a person can get in the stores. Some of such types are as follows,

Travel guide

This is the direct type of travel books. In these books, a guide is provided to people for traveling. The main purpose is to provide guidance to the travelers. The whole journey is explained in a straightforward manner. The events, experiences, places, date and the even environment are explained. No insight is provided and the readers do not get great value from these types of books. People normally read these books just to have the clear idea about the surroundings of a particular area. The minute details are mentioned in them.

Historico Geographic books

These books were found in the historical literature. They offer a form of classical writings. The travelers such as Ibn Battuta, Pausanias and Strabo used this form to explain their travel experiences. A modern book does not contain this form of writing style. The flow goes like a story of a man is told who spend his life while traveling and passing through various areas of this huge world. The element of history, as well as geographical details, is obvious in this style. The historic element is made prominent by the addition of religious stories and interesting details attract the readers. Such as in the book Italia Illuminata, the writer Flavio describes the amusing stories and quotations related to every area he visited.

Personal discovery

These types of books are described in a proper mechanism. This is about the thinking patterns and personal details a person has. The author visits various places and makes observations about the locale he is from and about his own self. The main aim is not about imparting the information regarding the place but to have deep insight into the moral themes and psychology. They are rare in literature but are really interesting for the readers. The author D. H. Lawrence wrote some books of this kind and utilized his writing skills in an interesting way.

These are the three categories of travel books and all of them are useful in some manner. A travel book basically improves the knowledge and exposure of the reader about the world and people living in it. Writers make observations and then explain them regardless of their personal beliefs and prejudices just to inform the reader in a meaningful way. There are many books which are not only the best sellers but contribute a lot in the history of traveling. A person can have multiple trips in the world of imagination by the help of these books.