How community supported agriculture is important for every country

How community supported agriculture is important for every country

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It is a form of partnership between farmer and members of the community. Members can get access to fresh fruits and vegetables grown by the regional farmer. It is a partnership which is beneficial for both farmer and members. Risk and rewards are shared equally among members of the community. It is important for each country because it provides benefits not just at the individual level but also at regional level.

Importance of CSA

It is important for members because it provides nutritious benefits to society. They get healthy and nutritious food grown by farmers. Farmers get financial rewards in return for providing services. The farmer gets income in advance of producing vegetables. More members of the community can divide the cost of production among themselves. They get the benefit when members are more in numbers. Such sort of community is beneficial for society because it leads to human development along with agricultural development. Agriculture sector of a country can be developed through this kind of community.

Benefits of CSA

It provides benefits for members and farmer both. They get benefit by entering into this community. We discuss benefits for both parties in detail.

Benefits to members

Members of the community can get healthier and nutritious food for their families and children. They do not need to go to market for grocery and purchase of vegetables. They can access their vegetables at their doorstep on a daily basis. The length of the partnership depends on the affordability of members. They can enter either into long-term or short-term agreement with the farmer. A Larger number of community members can lead to providing less costly food products for them. They can distribute their cost of production among a large number of community members. They can extend food products from vegetables to meat, fruits, and eggs according to their affordability.

Benefits for farmer

Farmer provides services of production at agricultural land. He has to provide food to members at their doorstep. He charges money in return for providing services of production. He gets estimated the cost of production with profit from members of the community supported agriculture in advance. It is considered as income of farmer, and he can use it for meeting his needs.

Benefits at country level

It is beneficial at the country and societal level. The country can develop its economy and agriculture sector in this way. It is fruitful for the production of agricultural product at the regional level. This community can be made at a higher level in a country for the betterment of society. In this way, each in a society can get access to healthier and nutritious food. It will raise the standard of living of each in a country.

So, community supported agriculture is a form of the community including farmers and members of society. It should be developed in each country to increase health and financial strength. It leads to developing agriculture sector of an economy. Each developing and developed country should establish such sort of agriculture community for the betterment of the nation. Community supported agriculture is an innovative step for people of society.