Explore the beautiful beaches close to Smara

Explore the beautiful beaches close to Smara

If you are a tourist and you want to visit some exotic place then plan a trip to smara. You will find many exciting things in this region and when you are done with exploring the Samara then visit the nearby beaches. You will find many enticing beaches close to Samara. You just have to drive your car, and you will find yourself in the midst of a beautiful beach. This article will highlight some of the amazing beaches near Samara, Russia.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista is one of the largest beaches with lush vegetation and moderate surf. At the south end of this beach, there lies a Río Buena Vista while its north has an estuary. This beach is perfect for walking and sunbathing. Some areas of the seashore have slightly sharp drop-off ends. Tourists can avail the opportunity of ultralight planes which are organized from this point.

Carrillo Beach

Carrillo beach is situated at a distance of 8 kilometers from smara. This idyllic Bay has a beautiful beach with tranquilizing surf. This bay is safe for swimming particularly on the south end as this spot is loaded with many coconut palms which are parallel to the beach. It has streets that provide shade to the tourists and enhance the beauty of the coast. Carrillo is an ideal place for walking and sunbathing. The southern part of Carrillo has a rocky hill from which tourists can watch this bay in all its glory.

Coyote and Playas San Miguel

The road that leads to Coyote and Playas San Miguel passes through San Miguel hill on the north side. This area offers an amazing view of the entire coast. Both of these beaches are separated by the Jabilla mouth and estuary which is home to a huge mangrove swamp. These beaches offers a continuous and strong surf. Coyote stretches just five kilometers while the Playa San Miguel is about three kilometers long. This place is ideal for relaxation, boat trips, walking, horseback riding, and sea-gazing. Watching the impressive view of animals and plants is always enticing for a tourist.

Barco Quebrado and Barrigona Beach

Barco Quebrado beach is observed in a beautiful land with a moderate surf and is surrounded by tall and hard rocky cliffs. These cliffs give this beach an amazing look. Barco Quebrado is ideal for observing the surrounding landscape, relaxing and swimming. If you drive to its north, you will find another beautiful beach which is known as Barrigona. This beach lies among the wider beaches of the world. This beautiful white sandy beach makes the scenery even more stunning. However, you should be careful while swimming as it might be that safer.

Pelada Beach

Pelada beach is perfect for swimming, walking and relaxing. Pelada is an area of beautiful tall rocks that offers an amazing panoramic view of the region. Tourists can enjoy the sunbathing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and sports fishing at this beach.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, you may realize that you can enjoy to the fullest in the smara. If you have explored every corner of Samara, then you can move to the nearby regions too where many tempting beaches are waiting for you.