Educational gaming apps on Android

Educational gaming apps on Android


This is one of those games that can make any player interested into gaming. Crossword game has been played for the centuries. But before it was just a game since recently games are used for teaching purposes. Crossword has been one of the top teacher’s choices. Like the game, it gives all the meaning and purposes towards a game plus students educate themselves on the equal level. Students have to find the words provided by the teachers. The time is passing, and they have to score more points then spending time on the wrong words.

Math guidance

One of the games that teach prefers for the student who lacks the general mathematics ability. There are students who don’t understand basic mathematics because either mathematics is taught well to them or the subject doesn’t fit their nature of learning. Mathematics needs extreme dedication to solve the questions. This application guides the students to learn math basic origin of the function how can the function be used in a different way than normal. Mathematics functions can be quite difficult, but this application excels at teaching student about the different functions of mathematics.

Type it fast

This game is for those players who think they can type fast. The players who are typing fast must have the good reading skill, and they must have good typing skills. Such games are a big education when players have to type without even watching the keyboard. There are almost three hundred or above application like this but type it fast excel of few reasons the game is advanced and unique in its way. The game has difficult English words. This game can be extremely good for those players who have reading issues. Type it fast has been growing famous since then as it shows results in students learning the words and typing speed increasing.

Answer the question

This is a game which asks simple mathematics question, English grammar question and history questions. This game needs a lot of knowledge, and different students can check their knowledge by playing the game and answering the question. Those students who have played the game once they can keep playing the game for the longer part of their time. The game has been developed so that students can play for the endless time. Most difficult part of the game is English grammar. If the player can answer the English grammar correctly, then the game has done its purpose.

General knowledge

Cool Math Games excels at every kind of general knowledge question. The developers have finally developed the game where question from the whole world is used. The person can choose the country and play the game to answer the general knowledge question of those countries. Such games are loved by the teachers and students to because these games have a huge impact on the boost of their general knowledge. Although every student should have a basic and deep knowledge of every country. Those students who have such knowledge always excel in the future. General knowledge is something that becomes trump card of any personality.